5 things to keep in mind Compact LED bulbs

Compact led leds are one of the indoor leds commonly used recently because of the many advantages over incandescent bulbs and that is the reason bulbs. Compact leds are increasingly being used by many families. However, not all users know how to use compact LED lamps properly to maximize the effectiveness and durability of the lamp.

Here are five things to keep in mind when using compact leds.

1. Note about the installation

– Không nên lắp bóng đèn compact led ở những nơi có nhiệt độ cao, độ ẩm lớn và nhiều bụi bẩn như gần bếp, trong nhà tắm, ngoài trời… Bởi nếu nhiệt độ môi trường quá cao rất dễ gây hỏng bóng, với những nơi có độ ẩm cao và nhiều bụi thì chúng rất dễ xâm nhập vào bên trong mạch điện tử và đây chính là nguyên nhân gây hỏng bóng đèn compact led. Nếu sử dụng đèn compact led ở những địa điểm này thì chúng ta cần lắp thêm chóa đèn để bảo vệ cho bóng đèn.


– Do not install the same compact leds with lamps with insufficient space for heat. Because in operation, compact leds will emit heat, if the light does not guarantee good heat loss, the temperature will increase to affect the life of the ball. Consumers therefore need to use a compact led bulb with a proper light fixture and light fixture to ensure good heat dissipation.

2. Always ensure the stability of the power supply

– Unstable voltages will cause the lamp life. If the power supply is low, it will affect the brightness, the lower the power, the weaker the light. In contrast, the power supply exceeds the threshold of the lamp will directly affect the internal components, will even cause a “fire”.

3. Be sure to store the lamp properly

– When transporting, it is necessary to avoid collision.
– When installing, be gentle and proper. Because electronic components when used require high accuracy. If shocked, it will affect the joints, when exposed to the source of light bulbs will heat up these joints.
– In addition, if the lamp is not well maintained, the bulb will be susceptible to leaks and cracks. In order to light the lamp must reach vacuum pressure, if the ball is leaked and cracked (just a small crack) is no longer usable.


4. Note that you should not turn on the compact led lights several times a day and continuously

– Limit off, turn on compact bulb leds too many times a day.
– There should be an interval between each on and off. Since the compact LEDs on startup require high operating power, switching on the lights several times a day or intermittently during each turn will cause overload to affect most of the components. in. This also causes the ball to be quickly blackened, as by launching electronic particles that will smash into the fluorescent powder with high frequency resulting in the burning of the powder.

5. Note the selection of brands of quality compact led leds

On the market there are many branded glossy compact led lamps with enough variety and quality. Compact led light bulb distributed by Phu Thang is a prestigious brand at affordable prices.
Besides power saving features, compact LED bulbs are also safe, environmentally friendly and healthy.

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