Arrange the LEDs for the fashion shop

Which lamps are often used to highlight the space of the fashion shop or showroom. Let’s find out in the article below.

Ceiling lights are placed under the grid spacing between the balls about 1m to 1.2m. Mosaic luminaires with the advantages of natural light harmonics are suitable for distributing light to the entire room.

Lights led – lamps are mounted mobile on a bar called rails, this is the perfect solution, creating a highlight for your shop space.

Luminaries include two basic types: spotlights and COBs

·        Led spotlight luminaires – spotlights, projection luminaires on the product to highlight the product. The projector beam luminaires include 2 types 7W and 12W. The lamp has two body colors: white or black, light: white or yellow to match the space.



·        COB LED leds – for radiated, radiated products or display racks. Lamps include power types: 7W, 20W, 30W.


Spot light COB 10W – Used for fixed projection space. 10W Spot Lamp has 2 types of light: white or yellow. Depending on the space you can use lamps with black or white body.

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