Which lamps are often used to highlight the space of the fashion shop or showroom. Let’s find out in the article below.

Ceiling lights are placed under the grid spacing between the balls about 1m to 1.2m. Mosaic luminaires with the advantages of natural light harmonics are suitable for distributing light to the entire room.

Lights led – lamps are mounted mobile on a bar called rails, this is the perfect solution, creating a highlight for your shop space.

Luminaries include two basic types: spotlights and COBs

·        Led spotlight luminaires – spotlights, projection luminaires on the product to highlight the product. The projector beam luminaires include 2 types 7W and 12W. The lamp has two body colors: white or black, light: white or yellow to match the space.



·        COB LED leds – for radiated, radiated products or display racks. Lamps include power types: 7W, 20W, 30W.


Spot light COB 10W – Used for fixed projection space. 10W Spot Lamp has 2 types of light: white or yellow. Depending on the space you can use lamps with black or white body.

In many areas of lighting and interior decoration today, led leds are the most widely used.

1. Characteristics of wire leds

Wire luminaires combine with many other lights in the house such as ceiling lights, ceiling lights, etc. to make the space more prominent.

2. Structure of wire leds

Wire leds are made up of a lot of small leds and are designed on the surface of a long, soft electronic board covered with a soft protective plastic layer to create a lighter shade of light. While lighting.

Leds used in wire leds are usually high quality leds: Chimei, Epileds hay Epistar.

The length of the LED leds can be flexibly flexible or ductile to suit the purpose of decorating, and illuminating the interior of the homeowner.

3. Classification of led leds
We can classify the leds according to the environmental characteristics, the color of the leds and the structure

– Outdoor Leds: This luminaire has a plastic cover that covers the entire ledge on the outside to protect the latch and circuit board so that they do not come into direct contact with air and water from the environment.

– Indoor Leds: These leds are usually smaller and thinner with plastic coverings inside the upper surface for the purpose of protecting the chip and the underlying surface may or may not have glue directly onto the surface.

Types of LED leds are available on the market
– Four-color lanyard
– Red wire leds
– White wire luminaires
– Blue wire leds
– Green wire leds
– Warm yellow led leds
– RGB leds have built-in controls and each type of chip can emit a variety of colors.

Each type of outdoor or indoor wired led leds has a variety of leds that use different chips with these leds often having different brightness, durability and style.
– LED leds with 3014 led leds
– 3528 LED led leds
– LED leds with 5050 led leds
– LED leds with 5630 led leds

4. Advantages of led leds

– Save 70% on electricity compared to other lights.
– Longevity can last up to 50,000 hours.
– Strong light, rich color and rich.
– Small size LED leds, versatile design for easy installation because it is easy to cut, bend, …
– Wire luminaires can be used indoors with waterproof IP20 standard lamps and outdoors using silicone waterproof glue with standard grade LEDs.

5. Applied wire leds

Wire luminaires are widely used in outdoor and indoor lighting and decoration: decorative led leds in shops, hotels and facades of buildings, villas, billboards and light boxes…

Above are some characteristics of structure, classification of wire leds, advantages and their applications in the article. To learn more about the leds, please contact us for advice and best service.

Now at the stage of music performances, performing in the outer area in the evening there is no shortage of led flashlights . With strong light, no contrast will create dark areas alternating alternating depth and depth to create a fuzzy space.

With the development of LED technology, LED headlamp products are more popular than ever and have many great applications. In it must mention the stage lighting.

Chieu sang Phu Thang


Overview of led flashlights

This is a product that uses high power led leds in the form of COB so the light source is emitted intensely but still save electricity. Outside, the cover is made of steel and is powder coated. They have waterproofing pads at the assembly points to help protect the lamp from oxidation and make the lamp work better under all weather conditions without the use of other protective equipment..

With the advantages of led technology, led leds can save up to 60% of electricity, as 90% of the power supply converts into electricity, so the lights do not produce much heat. LED headlamps have the ability to illuminate for a very long time, without the cost of repair and maintenance. In addition, the LED headlamp does not emit ultraviolet rays, UV rays so it is very friendly to humans and the environment. Therefore, it is the best product to replace the high pressure lamps commonly used today.

Applying leds in stage illumination


Chieu sang Phu Thang

With the advantages of the lamps brought together with the high intensity of illumination, this is considered to be a device that is used extensively in stage lighting and is often used to project the backdrop of the stage. With super-bright LEDs, it will emit a single light color such as red, blue, white … with different capacities such as 10W, 20W, 30W or 50W depending on the projection area. bright. Also, with LED headlamps that can change color, use automatic or manual remote control with up to 15 color variations, which is very popular.

Depending on the purpose of use you can choose single color lamps or combinations of lamps of different colors or simply use the lamp can change color to create eye-catching color effects. Not only does it produce dramatic lighting effects, but the LED headlamps are also extremely durable with powerful illumination, and the maintenance process is also easier than with previous headlamps.

When using led headlights to project light from above, in environments with high illumination, wide coverage, people below feel like natural daylight. That creates a better quality light source and better visual effects.

With its compact size, easy installation and wide illumination, LED headlamp is considered as an important lighting device for stage lighting in large and small events. To buy the best quality products, go to reputable flash vendors such as NVH to buy. Here we are committed to bring customers the best products and the most affordable prices on the market.

Although wire leds are a popular lighting fixture on the market, not all users know what their LEDs are and how they work.

With a variety of colors and modern design, the LED leds are now at the forefront of all the best selling leds. This article will help you to discover the knowledge of this product offline!

1. What is a wire luminaires?

Led wire is a type of led light that is made up of thousands of leds assembled and welded on soft, long wires, and has a high quality soft plastic cover to protect the LEDs.

đèn led dây được trang trí cho cây

2. How are wire strands structured?

– Corded leds are made of solid SMD leds on a flat PCB wire, which creates flexible lighting and creates the perfect space for you.

– The products of led leds are composed of high quality led leds and are typically Epistar.

– Because the wire leds consist of many small leds connected in series, they form a series of high-brightness leds. Besides, the LED leds are quite diversified in color such as white, yellow, red, blue, green, …

– The length of the lamp can be customized, in rolls of 5m or 100m, which are very flexible when used such as bending, shaping, and cutting as desired..

3. What are the advantages of LED leds?

– The appearance of wire leds has completely replaced the traditional neon lamps and compact fluorescent lamps. Low voltage power LEDs with low power consumption and decorative LED leds save up to 70% of the monthly power consumption of conventional lamps. It is also one of the most striking features of high-tech LED leds.

– The light source is extremely powerful, with 9W wattage leds equivalent to regular 18W lamps, which are especially popular with smart consumers. In addition, with a high lamp life of up to 40,000 hours of continuous operation, wire leds are the primary savings product for replacement maintenance and new purchase.

đèn led dây được dùng để trang trí nhà

– The small size of the lanyard is lightweight so installation is simpler than ever, thanks to its intelligent construction, easy cutting, bending and customization as required by the user..

–  Wire leds have a rich and varied type and color, and they can be used indoors without water with standard IP20 lamps and outdoors using silicone waterproof glue (IP66-IP67-IP68 rated light ).

4. Application of wired led lights in life

– Wire luminaires are widely used: wire leds help decorate hotel ceilings, level ceilings, facades of buildings, jewelery stores, billboards and light boxes…

đèn led dây được trang trí trong quán bar

If you have ever used high-tech LEDs, then LED leds are your new choice in living space decoration. Topping the range of decorative lighting products, LED leds have impressed the viewer from the very beginning. Hopefully the knowledge of wire leds will bring you something useful.

Compact led leds are one of the indoor leds commonly used recently because of the many advantages over incandescent bulbs and that is the reason bulbs. Compact leds are increasingly being used by many families. However, not all users know how to use compact LED lamps properly to maximize the effectiveness and durability of the lamp.

Here are five things to keep in mind when using compact leds.

1. Note about the installation

– Không nên lắp bóng đèn compact led ở những nơi có nhiệt độ cao, độ ẩm lớn và nhiều bụi bẩn như gần bếp, trong nhà tắm, ngoài trời… Bởi nếu nhiệt độ môi trường quá cao rất dễ gây hỏng bóng, với những nơi có độ ẩm cao và nhiều bụi thì chúng rất dễ xâm nhập vào bên trong mạch điện tử và đây chính là nguyên nhân gây hỏng bóng đèn compact led. Nếu sử dụng đèn compact led ở những địa điểm này thì chúng ta cần lắp thêm chóa đèn để bảo vệ cho bóng đèn.


– Do not install the same compact leds with lamps with insufficient space for heat. Because in operation, compact leds will emit heat, if the light does not guarantee good heat loss, the temperature will increase to affect the life of the ball. Consumers therefore need to use a compact led bulb with a proper light fixture and light fixture to ensure good heat dissipation.

2. Always ensure the stability of the power supply

– Unstable voltages will cause the lamp life. If the power supply is low, it will affect the brightness, the lower the power, the weaker the light. In contrast, the power supply exceeds the threshold of the lamp will directly affect the internal components, will even cause a “fire”.

3. Be sure to store the lamp properly

– When transporting, it is necessary to avoid collision.
– When installing, be gentle and proper. Because electronic components when used require high accuracy. If shocked, it will affect the joints, when exposed to the source of light bulbs will heat up these joints.
– In addition, if the lamp is not well maintained, the bulb will be susceptible to leaks and cracks. In order to light the lamp must reach vacuum pressure, if the ball is leaked and cracked (just a small crack) is no longer usable.


4. Note that you should not turn on the compact led lights several times a day and continuously

– Limit off, turn on compact bulb leds too many times a day.
– There should be an interval between each on and off. Since the compact LEDs on startup require high operating power, switching on the lights several times a day or intermittently during each turn will cause overload to affect most of the components. in. This also causes the ball to be quickly blackened, as by launching electronic particles that will smash into the fluorescent powder with high frequency resulting in the burning of the powder.

5. Note the selection of brands of quality compact led leds

On the market there are many branded glossy compact led lamps with enough variety and quality. Compact led light bulb distributed by Phu Thang is a prestigious brand at affordable prices.
Besides power saving features, compact LED bulbs are also safe, environmentally friendly and healthy.

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