Company introduction

First of all we would like to thank you for your interest in the products of NVH Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company. Here we would like to introduce some information about the company

I. Organizational structure:
NVH Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company: Established in 2008, with the function of consulting, designing, constructing, manufacturing and trading in electric equipment, the structure is as follows:

+ Sales Department: includes parts:

  • Project Support and Implementation
  • Import and export Department
  • Showroom and Product Showroom
  • Retail Division
  • Production Planning Division
  • Marketing and Customer Service
  • Shipping Division

+ Technical Department: Include parts:

  • Product Inspection Department (KCS) factory and warehouse
  • Warranty – Service Department

+ Accounting Department: Include parts:

  • Tax accounting
  • Accounting liabilities

II. Main areas of activity:

  • Manufacturing Civil and Industrial Brand JPLight
  • Production of Ladder – Cable tray …
  • Manufacturing and Trading Mechanical – Electric – Water Equipment.
  • Manufacturing, repairing and trading fire prevention and fighting equipment.
  • Manufacturing, repairing and trading in informatics equipment, telecommunication electronics.
  • Manufacturing, repairing and trading industrial equipment.
  • Manufacturing and trading construction materials and fuel.
  • Production and trading coal mine.
  • Trading in passenger and cargo transportation by waterway.
  • Mechanical – Electrical – Water Construction.
  • Construction of light electrical telecommunications.
  • Import and export services.
  • Business services catering, restaurants, hotels, travel and entertainment services …

All products provided by the NVH have been tested and certified by the Bureau of Quality Control according to standard quality management system IS0 9001; 2000
The price of products is suitable for consumers and Vietnam market, the source of goods available to meet timely all the needs of customers.

NVH Company Informatics.