Features and applications of LED wires in life

In many areas of lighting and interior decoration today, led leds are the most widely used.

1. Characteristics of wire leds

Wire luminaires combine with many other lights in the house such as ceiling lights, ceiling lights, etc. to make the space more prominent.

2. Structure of wire leds

Wire leds are made up of a lot of small leds and are designed on the surface of a long, soft electronic board covered with a soft protective plastic layer to create a lighter shade of light. While lighting.

Leds used in wire leds are usually high quality leds: Chimei, Epileds hay Epistar.

The length of the LED leds can be flexibly flexible or ductile to suit the purpose of decorating, and illuminating the interior of the homeowner.

3. Classification of led leds
We can classify the leds according to the environmental characteristics, the color of the leds and the structure

– Outdoor Leds: This luminaire has a plastic cover that covers the entire ledge on the outside to protect the latch and circuit board so that they do not come into direct contact with air and water from the environment.

– Indoor Leds: These leds are usually smaller and thinner with plastic coverings inside the upper surface for the purpose of protecting the chip and the underlying surface may or may not have glue directly onto the surface.

Types of LED leds are available on the market
– Four-color lanyard
– Red wire leds
– White wire luminaires
– Blue wire leds
– Green wire leds
– Warm yellow led leds
– RGB leds have built-in controls and each type of chip can emit a variety of colors.

Each type of outdoor or indoor wired led leds has a variety of leds that use different chips with these leds often having different brightness, durability and style.
– LED leds with 3014 led leds
– 3528 LED led leds
– LED leds with 5050 led leds
– LED leds with 5630 led leds

4. Advantages of led leds

– Save 70% on electricity compared to other lights.
– Longevity can last up to 50,000 hours.
– Strong light, rich color and rich.
– Small size LED leds, versatile design for easy installation because it is easy to cut, bend, …
– Wire luminaires can be used indoors with waterproof IP20 standard lamps and outdoors using silicone waterproof glue with standard grade LEDs.

5. Applied wire leds

Wire luminaires are widely used in outdoor and indoor lighting and decoration: decorative led leds in shops, hotels and facades of buildings, villas, billboards and light boxes…

Above are some characteristics of structure, classification of wire leds, advantages and their applications in the article. To learn more about the leds, please contact us for advice and best service.

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