Great application of LED headlamps in stage lighting

Now at the stage of music performances, performing in the outer area in the evening there is no shortage of led flashlights . With strong light, no contrast will create dark areas alternating alternating depth and depth to create a fuzzy space.

With the development of LED technology, LED headlamp products are more popular than ever and have many great applications. In it must mention the stage lighting.

Chieu sang Phu Thang


Overview of led flashlights

This is a product that uses high power led leds in the form of COB so the light source is emitted intensely but still save electricity. Outside, the cover is made of steel and is powder coated. They have waterproofing pads at the assembly points to help protect the lamp from oxidation and make the lamp work better under all weather conditions without the use of other protective equipment..

With the advantages of led technology, led leds can save up to 60% of electricity, as 90% of the power supply converts into electricity, so the lights do not produce much heat. LED headlamps have the ability to illuminate for a very long time, without the cost of repair and maintenance. In addition, the LED headlamp does not emit ultraviolet rays, UV rays so it is very friendly to humans and the environment. Therefore, it is the best product to replace the high pressure lamps commonly used today.

Applying leds in stage illumination


Chieu sang Phu Thang

With the advantages of the lamps brought together with the high intensity of illumination, this is considered to be a device that is used extensively in stage lighting and is often used to project the backdrop of the stage. With super-bright LEDs, it will emit a single light color such as red, blue, white … with different capacities such as 10W, 20W, 30W or 50W depending on the projection area. bright. Also, with LED headlamps that can change color, use automatic or manual remote control with up to 15 color variations, which is very popular.

Depending on the purpose of use you can choose single color lamps or combinations of lamps of different colors or simply use the lamp can change color to create eye-catching color effects. Not only does it produce dramatic lighting effects, but the LED headlamps are also extremely durable with powerful illumination, and the maintenance process is also easier than with previous headlamps.

When using led headlights to project light from above, in environments with high illumination, wide coverage, people below feel like natural daylight. That creates a better quality light source and better visual effects.

With its compact size, easy installation and wide illumination, LED headlamp is considered as an important lighting device for stage lighting in large and small events. To buy the best quality products, go to reputable flash vendors such as NVH to buy. Here we are committed to bring customers the best products and the most affordable prices on the market.

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