Installation of 200W workshop luminaire at Dong Anh Mechanical JSC

Alo LED company has the mode of importing the type of LED lighting factory often in large quantities to ensure availability of goods to be able to provide wholesale and retail LED lighting factory for customers.

In addition, the bulk import activity allows us to get the best discounts for our customers. At Alodenled, we always censor the product, study consumer habits of consumers to order products that best meet the needs of consumers, while ensuring the durability and stability of the product. Products.

In 2017 – In order to meet the scale of its activities, Dong Anh Mechanical Joint Stock Company has built a large workshop system with LED lighting system. Through researching the market and researching specialized LED lighting for the workshops, Dong Anh Mechanical Joint Stock Company has selected Alodenled as the supplier of lighting systems for mechanical workshops. Here are some photos of the lights and the actual construction image at Dong Anh Mechanical JSC:

Đèn nhà xưởng 200W

Chóa đèn

Hình ảnh thi công

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