Project Green Square building lobby area with LED negative earth

Green Stars is located at 234 Pham Van Dong, Tu Liem, is known as the North West gate of the capital Hanoi, where the population is crowded. The Green Stars project is located right in the heart of a new urban area that represents the high quality living environment of the future. The construction items are carefully invested, quality to meet the criteria to create comfortable living environment, high quality, comfortable, comfortable for people living here. Especially the main lighting system of the building, the first place to welcome guests, is where residents of the apartment often go back, showing the face of the building. HALEDCO is proud to be the unit of consultancy and supply of earthquake (acoustic) luminaires that illuminate the lobby of the Green Stars building.
At present, lighting equipment is not only installed to ensure light for the building, but also to decorate the beauty of the lighting. For condominiums, especially high-end condominiums, lighting in the lobby area is extremely important. Because this is the place where most people come to the building to come in contact first, which will evaluate the good facilities of the apartment? Quality or not? For the Green Star luxury apartment building lighting is extremely important. In addition to the ceiling illumination system to illuminate the sky above, there is also a need for earth-shining (floor-to-ceiling) lighting systems to ensure that hallway access is in the evening.
The 12w acoustic luminaire uses 12 luminescent luminaires with a luminous efficiency of 100 lm / w, producing a luminous flux of up to 1200 lm. The 12W acoustic body is made of an antioxidant, anti-corrosive alloy that acts as a heat sink for the lamp, which has a huge direct effect on the longevity of the earth-to-ground ( Floor noise) floor 12w (HLUG1-12) help the best light, make sure the lamp cover. The body of the lamp is IP67 rated outdoor. The surface of 12w acoustic spotlight luminaire is made of anti-corrosion innox, anti-scratch, anti-rust and is fixed to the body by hexagonal screws, The impact of external forces such as humans going up, running through …. The power factor of the 12 watt LED backlight is 0.95, increasing efficiency, reducing power loss, reducing power consumption.
With many years of experience in consulting, supporting the deployment of lighting system in the country. Haledco is confident to bring the best, most suitable, and best quality lighting system for your project.

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