Ballast fluorescent lamp fluorescent TL5-HF-Performer III

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The HF-Performer III is a high performance electronic ballast for T5 fluorescents that saves power and improves performance and lamp life.

  • Application

The Ballast HF-Performer III is the ideal solution for applications requiring high energy efficiency such as offices, hospitals, supermarkets, industrial parks, parking lots and applications equipped with standby power systems. . In addition, the ballast can also be used in conjunction with motion sensors to turn the lights on and off (for example, the Philips OccuPlus sensor).

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Ballast type Floriated Number of balls W lamp power BallastlossesIn Power system w String into A Rated voltage V New.Number of Hz Map of electric
HF-P 1 14-35 TL5 output 220-240V TL5 HE 14W first 1 × 14 2.0 16 0.070 220-240 50/60 first
HF-P 114-35 TL5 IH220-240V TL5HE21W first 1 × 21 2.2 23.2 0.100 220-240 50/60 first
HF-P 1 14-35 TL5 out of 22O-240V TL5HE28W first 1 × 28.0 2.5 30.5 0.135 220-240 50/60 first
HF-P 114-35 TL5 output 220-240V TL5 HE 35W first 1 × 35.0 3.0 38.0 1.170 220-240 50/60 first
HF-P 2 14-35 TL5 output 220-240V TL5 HE 14W 2 2 × 14.0 2.8 30.8 0.135 220-240 50/60 2
HF-P 2 14-35 TL5 output 220-240V TL5HE21W 2 2 × 21.0 3.2 45.2 0.200 220-240 50/60 2
HF-P 2 14-35 TL5 m 220-240V TL5 HE 28W 2 2 × 28.0 4.5 60.5 0.265 220-240 50/60 2
HF-P 2 14-35 TL5 out 220-24ŨV TL5 HE 35W 2 2 × 35-0 5.6 75.6 0.330 220-240 50/60 2

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Features and benefits

  • Power saving

Ballast HF-Performer III meets the CELMA A2 BAT standard for high-performance electronic ballasts, saving over 25% more electricity than traditional electromagnetic ballasts. Electronic technology not only reduces the power consumption of the bulb, but the loss of ballast is also very low. In addition, due to the use of electronic components, the heat generated by the ballast is very low, which can save additional energy costs for the cooling system.

  • Easy to install and wired

Electronic ballast technology makes the structure of the lamp unit very compact without mouse and capacitor compensation. The installation of the lamp became very compact. All you need to do is simply attach the wire to the spring-loaded spring-loaded connectors that are integrated on the ballast. This connector is ideally suited for manual or automatic installation of vertical and horizontal wires in automatic lighting output (ALF) production lines.

  • Mechanism of operation superiority

Ballast HF-Performer III operates at high frequencies (> 42kHz), which promotes luminous efficiency and eliminates flickering due to the effect of 50Hz grid power on traditional ferromagnetic ballasts. The pre-firing mechanism allows the lamp to start up without flashing (<ls) and ensuring lamp life even when used with motion sensors. The ballast can also be used with redundant DC power systems ranging from 186 – 275VDC (IEC / EN 60598-2-22).

  • Safe and reliable

The HF-Performer III is designed to operate with a life of 50,000 hours at the highest environmental temperature (Tcmax). Ballast can withstand 60,000 on / off cycles with 1 bulb. This ballast converges high safety standards such as EN 55015 2006 + A12007 (EMC); ENEC & CE and many other international standards on features and safety. The HF-Perfarmer IU is equipped with false gears or faulty couplings, which reboot when the bulb is replaced or after a sudden change in voltage occurs. The ballast also incorporates an active power factor correction circuit that ensures the power factor always reaches 0.99, the harmonic distortion THD <10%, and ensures constant output even in case of voltages. Source of continuous change.



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