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The Philips MAS LEDtube integrates an LED light source into a translucent shade of the same size as a traditional fluorescent bulb. MAS LEDtube creates a natural light source with a power consumption of only 18W and can replace the 36W TLD fluorescent lamp saving up to 50% of electricity.

  • Application

Philips MAS LEDtube is an advanced solution to replace straight fluorescent bulbs in a wide variety of applications such as offices, supermarkets, parking lots and factories.

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Floriated Length (mm) Power (W) Cab base Voltage (V) Power factor Quang (Im) Color temperature Projection angle (°) Color rendering index Childhoods(hours)
600 ten G13 90-264 > 0.9 1050 3000 150 83 40000
600 ten G13 90-264 > 0.9 1050 4000 150 83 40000
600 ten G13 90-264 > 0.9 1050 6500 150 83 40000
1200 18 G13 90-264 > 0.9 2100 3000 150 83 40000
1200 18 G13 90-264 > 0.9 2100 4000 150 83 40000
1200 18 G13 90-264 > 0.9 2100 6500 150 83 40000






Features and benefits

  • Save up to 80% of electricity

The LEDTube MAS shade saves a lot of maintenance and replacement costs and helps you to have a greener technology product image. MAS LEDtube with LED lighting technology reduces power consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional TLD fluorescent bulbs. Also, with LED characteristics in combination with optimum optical design, luminous efficiency is increased by up to 30%.

  • Easy to install and fully compatible with existing systems

The MAS LEDtube is designed to be of the same size and shape as a TLD fluorescent bulb so it is perfectly possible to install and install existing chutes. The EMP050 Starter comes with a product that protects and replaces the starter on existing electromagnetic ballast systems to make replacing easier.

  • Life expectancy is very high

MAS LEDtube shade is 3 times longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs. This means a reduction in replacement costs, maintenance.

  • Safe and environmentally friendly

MAS LEDtube creates a cold light source without UV or IR. The object illuminated under an LED light source is safe from the risk of fading over time. In addition, this product is RoHS compliant and free from mercury and other toxic chemicals. The product is CE-certified in Europe and other certifications such as KEMA, VDE, WEEE, EMC.

  • Note when used
    • Environmental temperature from -20 ° c to 45 ° c.
    • Products are designed for indoor applications.
    • Do not use the lights in emergency lighting and escape systems.
    • Use with chisel with GI3 lamp holder in accordance with IEC standard can tolerate 0.5kg.


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