Metal Halide Master HPI Plus / HPI-T Plus

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High-pressure lamps (HIDs) provide excellent indoor lighting solutions such as factories, shops and restaurants as well as outdoors such as streetlights and headlights. All products of the HID category are the most efficient, environmentally friendly, reliable and durable.

Metal Halide type HPI Plus and HPI-T Plus are used in industrial lighting, phase illumination, outdoor lighting and sports flooring. Metal Ilalide IIPI Plus polished white, HPI-T ball is transparent tubular shape. Both types of ballasts are available with the Metal Hahde / Mercury (BHL) and SON ballast (BSN).

  • Application

Metal Halide HPI Plus is mainly used for high hanging areas (eg industrial workshops, galleries, shopping centers, yards or train stations. Typically used to illuminate sports venues, high-rise buildings, museums, harbors, construction sites, petrol stations and garden houses.

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Species C max D max L nom. O nom. first
HPI Plus 250W 226 91
HPI Plus 400W 290 122
HPI-T Plus 250W 257 47 155 29
HPI-T Plus 400W 286 47 172 40


Species W power Color temperature ballast BHL / BSN K BHL / BSN optical lm SignsBHL / BSN

Lm / w

Voltage V ElectricASIAN Indexblood


Color coordinatesX Color coordinatesY Cab base light
Masler HPI Plus 250W / 645 BU 250 4500/4000 18000/25500 72/102 128 22 69 359 354 E40
Master HPI Plus 250W / 667 BU 250 6700/5400 18000/25500 72/102 128 22 69 308 318 E40
Master HPI Plus 400W / 645 BU 400 4500/4000 32500/42500 81/106 125 3.4 69 360 362 E40
Master HPI Plus 400W / 645 BUS 400 4500/4000 32500/42500 81/106 125 3.4 69 360 362 E40
Master HPI Phis 400W / 667 BU 400 6700/5400 32500/42500 81/106 125 3.4 69 308 318 E40
Master HPI-T Plus 250W / 645 250 4500/4000 18000/25000 71/102 128 2.1 65 362 373 E40
Master HPI-T Plus 400W / 645 400 4500/4000 35000/42500 87/106 125 3.4 65 362 370 E40


Features and benefits

  • Saves power and improves lighting quality

Compared to high-pressure mercury balloons, Metal Halide balloons have a 50% higher luminance and 45-65% higher color range. Compared to the Sodium ball, the Metal Ilalidc shade index is significantly higher (65 vs. 25 ).

The Metal Halide HPI Plus is a 3-color salt solution that provides high color index and excellent color retention.Compared to balloons using NASc, this ball has far less color variation.

  • High safety and stability stability

Metal Halide HPI Plus 3-band technology (using sodium thallium-thalium-indium) provides high color index and high brightness retention throughout the life of the lamp (20,000 hours).

  • Compatible with two ballast types

The Metal Halide HPI Plus is capable of working with ballast for high pressure mercury (HPL) ballasts as well as ballast for high pressure sodium (SON). This saves the initial investment cost because it does not have to be replaced with a metal halide. In addition, the P-version has a protective shell that can be used with an open latch system (without lenses) and the S-version can directly replace the mercury ballistic bulb without power. Need to use click. Note that the color temperature and luminescence of the ball will vary with the use of the Metal Halide ball with the BHL Ballast and BSN.


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