Things you need to know when using LED wires

Although wire leds are a popular lighting fixture on the market, not all users know what their LEDs are and how they work.

With a variety of colors and modern design, the LED leds are now at the forefront of all the best selling leds. This article will help you to discover the knowledge of this product offline!

1. What is a wire luminaires?

Led wire is a type of led light that is made up of thousands of leds assembled and welded on soft, long wires, and has a high quality soft plastic cover to protect the LEDs.

đèn led dây được trang trí cho cây

2. How are wire strands structured?

– Corded leds are made of solid SMD leds on a flat PCB wire, which creates flexible lighting and creates the perfect space for you.

– The products of led leds are composed of high quality led leds and are typically Epistar.

– Because the wire leds consist of many small leds connected in series, they form a series of high-brightness leds. Besides, the LED leds are quite diversified in color such as white, yellow, red, blue, green, …

– The length of the lamp can be customized, in rolls of 5m or 100m, which are very flexible when used such as bending, shaping, and cutting as desired..

3. What are the advantages of LED leds?

– The appearance of wire leds has completely replaced the traditional neon lamps and compact fluorescent lamps. Low voltage power LEDs with low power consumption and decorative LED leds save up to 70% of the monthly power consumption of conventional lamps. It is also one of the most striking features of high-tech LED leds.

– The light source is extremely powerful, with 9W wattage leds equivalent to regular 18W lamps, which are especially popular with smart consumers. In addition, with a high lamp life of up to 40,000 hours of continuous operation, wire leds are the primary savings product for replacement maintenance and new purchase.

đèn led dây được dùng để trang trí nhà

– The small size of the lanyard is lightweight so installation is simpler than ever, thanks to its intelligent construction, easy cutting, bending and customization as required by the user..

–  Wire leds have a rich and varied type and color, and they can be used indoors without water with standard IP20 lamps and outdoors using silicone waterproof glue (IP66-IP67-IP68 rated light ).

4. Application of wired led lights in life

– Wire luminaires are widely used: wire leds help decorate hotel ceilings, level ceilings, facades of buildings, jewelery stores, billboards and light boxes…

đèn led dây được trang trí trong quán bar

If you have ever used high-tech LEDs, then LED leds are your new choice in living space decoration. Topping the range of decorative lighting products, LED leds have impressed the viewer from the very beginning. Hopefully the knowledge of wire leds will bring you something useful.

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